When Courtney Lewis Cheng needed to work remotely from her California office for two months in Rhode Island, she had a few options to consider … but a Downtown Providence location and skyline view sealed the deal.

“Hatch was one of the first places I contacted, and after I stepped into the skylight room, I knew I had found the right place.”

Courtney, a designer and web developer for Bay Area-based Conservation Strategy Fund, spent two solid months using Hatch as her near-daily workspace.

In particular, Courtney enjoyed the quiet, comfortable atmosphere and the great location.

“I developed a ritual of getting iced coffee across the street. And after work, there were a ton of places to grab a drink and relax within walking distance.”

When asked about the challenges of working remotely, Courtney admitted that accountability is a self-regulating task – however, if you have an independent spirit, there’s no better place to buckle down and get work done.

Would Courtney return to Hatch if she had to do it again?

“Absolutely, in a heartbeat,” she said. “I really loved all the people I met there, and really started to feel like a part of the community.”

Travis Webster-Booth

Travis is a content marketer and happy coworker. He leverages his background in advertising, ghostwriting, and journalism to save the world from crappy ads. You can learn more about what he does at TWBCreative.com.

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