Do you feel like you are working hard and not seeing results? You are not alone, however, Deb Goeschel’s business, Wellness Scribe, will give voice to your vision.

Deb Goeschel will be returning to the Hatch Entrepreneurial Center on Wednesday, April 29th, from 12pm-1:30pm to teach entrepreneurs how to attract your perfect client and the importance of “Why Great Messaging Matters.”
Deb guides her clients to find and develop a unique voice for their company so their ideal clients know who they are and what they offer. Clients walk away with messaging that is authentic, accurate, and clearly conveys their own mission and vision ensuring they stand out from the crowd.

Sheila McCarthy from the Bullfinch Group will also be presenting on April 29th, “Successfully Move Business Forward: Why Money Strategy Matters.” Sheila joined The Bulfinch Group in 2013 with a mission to assist and empower motivated people to create an organized and comprehensive financial strategy, giving them the resources they need to create the life they want She is committed to helping her clients achieve financial abundance that is secure and protected so they are free to focus on achieving their vision.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to listen to both Deb and Sheila for FREE on Wednesday, April 29th from 12-1:30pm on the 3rd floor of the Hatch. RSVP by emailing:

Travis Webster-Booth

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