Hatch member Andrew Kelly of is a bit of a coder – no, scratch that; he’s a coding rockstar who uses his digital fluency to solve tricky customer support problems via his company, CallRed.

But Andrew had a problem: It’s a pain to manually stay apprised of startup events in Rhode Island. To solve the problem, he created a simple “scraper” that aggregates the local startup events into a single, self-updating list. After some cajoling from colleagues, he published it live to the web so that we could all benefit from the tool.

Says Andrew, “I thought the Rhode Island startup scene desperately needed a central hub for events. And if I built the tool myself, why not share it with everyone?”

Simple, beautiful, and crazy useful. Sounds a lot like Andrew’s main gig, now that we think about it.

Travis Webster-Booth

Travis is a content marketer and happy coworker. He leverages his background in advertising, ghostwriting, and journalism to save the world from crappy ads. You can learn more about what he does at TWBCreative.com.

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