None less than Rhode Island’s US Congressman Jim Langevin visited Hatch recently – and he liked what he saw. The Congressman toured the facility as part of a larger meet-and-greet with local businesses, including our sister organization Home Loan Investment Bank.

To say the least, the Congressman is a fan of what Hatch is doing, and said as much on his blog. Here’s a direct quote:

“The Hatch is a coworking space and start-up incubator in Providence that provides on-site consulting services, including legal and marketing expertise. These types of facilities with wraparound business services provide fertile ground for growth, especially for start-up companies that may not otherwise have the budget to access such services.

The community-based economy promoted by a coworking space is a good model. I would like to see similar programs employed in other parts of the state. One of Rhode Island’s strengths is its size and our ability to build strong connections between businesses and consumers. Centralized operations like The Hatch benefit from that connectivity on multiple levels, and it was great to see it in action. I had the opportunity to visit several Hatch members and learn more about their businesses. Everyone was so gracious, and I learned a lot about how coworking has helped them to thrive.”

Now that’s what we like to hear!

You can read Congressman Langevin’s full blog post here.

Bonus: We got this fun plug from WNAC-TV (Fox Providence) outlining the Congressman’s trip.

Travis Webster-Booth

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