Are you ready to “make it happen”?

What has been falling to the bottom of your to-do list again and again? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to finally cross them off and move forward? This is your chance.

Join Dr. Kate Inc. for a one day Make It Happen Group Intensive Saturday February 7th from 9am – 6pm in Providence, Rhode Island.

How it Works

  1. Sign up by emailing Space is limited to 12 so you want to move on this!
  2. Grab your computers, your piles of paper, your contact list or whatever else you have to get done.
  3. Write down the set of tasks that you need to get done and you need help getting done.
  4. Come to the intensive with these two things and a good attitude!
  5. Together, we spend the first 30 minutes coaching with Kate to make sure you are clear on your plan for the 8 hour day.
  6. Anytime you get stuck, have a question, or need some information I am there to coach you past your challenge.
  7. You leave. You feel awesome. You got a ton done! You solved major business problems. You go out on the town or take a bath because you deserve a celebration! You Made It Happen!

This one day Make It Happen event is only $450. For the first two people who sign up from the Hatch Entrepreneurial Center list, Dr. Kate will give you $200 off.

8 hours for you to focus, to work and to have the guidance you need for the places that get you stuck. One day that could create years worth of progress. Its time to really step up and this is an amazing opportunity to do so.

Any questions? Email Kate at Space is limited to 12, sign up by contacting Kate today!

Travis Webster-Booth

Travis is a content marketer and happy coworker. He leverages his background in advertising, ghostwriting, and journalism to save the world from crappy ads. You can learn more about what he does at

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