Back in April 2015, we sat down with Shellshock Founder and Art Director Mark Mason as he became the latest tenant at Hatch. Today, nearly a year later, Mark’s company has expanded into a second suite, with his team growing alongside. We caught up with Mark to learn more about his chapter at Hatch.

How was your first year at Hatch?

It was a great year for us. Growth is up over 200% for 2015. Our team has expanded. Our services have expanded. And of course, our physical space has expanded.

What can we share with readers to learn more about you?

Readers should check out our website,, which launched in October. The site was featured in a variety of “site of the day” showcase sites, including siteInspire. [Other features: Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, Unmatched Style, etc.]

What drew you to Hatch?

It started when I moved back to the area in 2014 and started working out of Digital City (now defunct coworking space). After they had closed down, Hatch was recommended to me by a member. I looked at the available suite, which wasn’t huge, but had potential. And the price was fantastic for the space. No other coworking space in Providence could deliver that value. So I took the leap.

Tell us about your first 6 months.

Unequivocally, the space has helped us grow. Hatch is really helping out the entrepreneurial community by making these great spaces available at such affordable cost. When the space across the hall became available a few months ago, we signed on immediately.

As a designer, what value do you place on physical space?

Your space is everything, period. If you don’t make it feel the way you want it to feel, it will intrude on your work. When I moved in, I worked hard to create an ambience that would foster the ideal environment for my team. Hatch gave us the freedom to set up the space as we wished, which has allowed us to create that comfortable feeling.

It’s also important from a client perspective. The way we look and the way the office feels is a vital part of our business. In the past, we would either visit clients in their office or connect off-site in a coffee shop or cafe. Now, we love showing off our new space.  


Travis Webster-Booth

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